Current Status of the Land

The land is held in trust for the benefit of the public.

Most of the land is in the Rockingham Lakes Regional Park, established in 1997 and managed by DEC.

DEC’s 2010 Rockingham Lakes Management Plan highlights the outstanding conservation and recreational values of Cape Peron and sets out a plan for its sustainable management.

The implementation of the DEC Management Plan is being hindered by a proposal to bulldoze about 40 hectares of public bushland and to destroy existing accommodation, boating and fishing facilities, in marina and canal subdivision.

land under threat

The proposed Canal Estate / Inland Marina Development:

  • is in breach of the 1964 Point Peron agreement
  • would cause enormous environmental damage, including:
    • the creation of a channel cutting off beach access to Point Peron and causing the loss of vital seagrass fish nursery
    • the destruction of scarce coastal bushland
    • the incursion of saltwater into the aquifer, threatening nearby Lake Richmond and the endangered thrombolites and sedges
    • the risk of acid sulphate soil exposure
    • polluted, poorly flushed, artificial waterways and resulting deterioration of Mangles Bay water quality
    • the risk of excessive seaweed accumulation and odour
    • the need for never-ending dredging, maintenance and remedial works at great public expense
  • would destroy the opportunity to develop a world class coastal conservation and recreation park at Cape Peron
  • faces strong opposition and legal and financial hurdles

It must not be allowed to happen!

Canal estates banned