1. Marine Protected Area.
    The Shoalwater Islands Marine Park (SIMP) status is due for renewal in 2017 when it is open for proposals. We suggest making the Shoalwater Bay Special Purpose Zone (wildlife conservation) and parts of Cape Peron a Marine Protected Area (MPA) where parts of the coast, islands and seabeds are set aside for either partial or total protection from human exploitation. This will protect seagrasses, increase the fish numbers inside and outside the MPA and thus preserve species like the Little Penguin, other marine birdlife, dolphins and sea lions as well as increase stock for recreational fishermen. 
  2. Walk/Cycle Link.
    Use the Walk/Cycle Link mentioned in Central Cape Area point 13 above to connect to Port Kennedy, Shoalwater Point Peron, Lake Richmond and the Rockingham Beach Foreshore Precinct. This could be promoted as a café walk/cycle trail, linking the cafes and restaurants of the above area